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Semi-finished products made of carbon fibre (CFRP)

Carbon plates - Carbon rods - Carbon tubes

Properties: Low weight, very good corrosion and heat resistance and electrical conductivity. High component stiffness.

CFRP semi-finished products can be drilled, milled and sawn (preferably with carbide tools). Bonding to each other or to other materials is possible with many adhesives, e.g. epoxy resins, cyanoacrylates (superglues), MMA adhesives, etc.

Application example for a Quadrocopter

Photos: Philip Braun







Translation of the rating above: We found R&G GmbH on eBay and are completely surprised about the super perfect quality of the tubes after super fast delivery of CFRP round tube HM wound. This is really the first tube to bear its name. The competitors seem to paint their tubes only so that they look like a CFRP tube. We had technical problems with the bending through of the pipes, they disappeared with the pipes from R&G GmbH. Thank you.