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Carbon fibre sheets HIGH STRENGTH 800 x 400 mm


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The carbon fibre sheets are high strength and extremely rigid, thus all fibres lay straight and not interwoven.

The continuous operating temperature of the plates goes up to 120 °C.

  • Approximately 60% fibre volume fraction
  • Unidirectional prepreg, placed at an angle 0 °/90 ° (no fabric)

Size: 800 x 400 mm

Tolerances: Sawn to size length and width ± 1 mm, thickness ± 0.2 mm

The sheets are not ideally suited for decorative purposes, but are intended for industrial use where strength and not good visual appeal is important. These CFRP-sheets are produced in large quantities and largely automated. This also results in a favourable price.

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Carbon Fibre Sheet "HIGH STRENGTH" (800 x 400 x 3.0 mm)

(Weight approx. 1540 g)
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