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Carbon fibre sandwich sheets with Airex® core


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Lightwight carbon fibre sandwich sheets manufactured out of HT-carbon fibre prepregs with a transparent epoxy matrix and a sandwich core of Airex® in press moulding.

The two surface layers consist of 3k fabric Style 452 with 5 threads per cm in twill weave 2/2. They are orientated under 0°/90°.

R&G carbon fibre sandwich sheets could easily be milled, sawn or cut by waterjet.

Technical data:
Surface layers:
Carbon fabric 204 g/m², twill 2/2
Sandwich core: Airex® T90.60
Heat deflection temperature:
120 °C


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Carbon fibre panel with Airex® core (800 x 390 x 6 mm)

Thickness of CFRP outer layer: 0.6 mm each, core material: Airex® T90.60, thickness tolerance: approx 10 %, weight: approx. 760 g
Only 1 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 650800396
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