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Marsclay Medium


  • Industry standard since 1985
  • Top-selling clay for automotive design world wide
  • Odourless
  • Very simple repair (warm clay on cold model)
  • Stable edges
  • Very good tape adhesion
  • Presentation Stable
  • Unique rod shape (allows rapid and uniform soaking)
  • ACMI-Seal
  • NON-TOXIC certificate
  • Individually wrapped in foil

Diameter rod: 60 mm

Marsclay Styling Clay
This special plasticine (called Clay) is customized to the specific needs of modelers in the automotive industry (and other disciplines). While form-finding 2D designer`s drafts are converted into 3D models. By hand or with a milling maschine the designs for future car models are manufactured
at different scales and in 1: 1. At room temperatures between 15 - 25 ° C the clay must keep its shape and also be workable with tools. Its surface does not harden, thus remains sensitive: for example even impressions with a fingernail are possible.

Marsclay Styling Clay is particularly dimensionally stable - very fine details can be modeled. The material sticks very well to the usual substrates such as wood, hard foam and metal. It is also tear-resistant, aging resistant and odorless.

Further information and links to films and websites hier

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Marsclay medium "Styling Clay", double block/ 2.3 kg

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Marsclay medium "Styling Clay", carton/ 20.7 kg

Only 3 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 3101152
254,66 € (Base Price 12,30 € /  kg)

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