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ClayPeel blue



Solvent-free, blue, water-based synthetic resin dispersion.

ClayPeel blue primer for temporary lacquering of clay models. This lacquer creates a flexible and peelable film on styling clay. The lacquer film can be peeled off without damage to the surface.

Coverage: 2 layers approx. 375 ml/m² (1 bottle is enough for 2 m²)

8434-3 ClayPeel blue

  • Suitable for all clay- and waxy substrates
  • Can be applied by brush or sprayer
  • Film-forming and to be applied in several layers
  • Washable with water
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Suitable as release agent during molding
  • Form also a good separation layer on absorbent substrates
  • Solvent-free
  • ClayPeel blue forms a blue Peel-film suitable for overcoating
  • Ideal for the interim presentation

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ClayPeel blue, bottle/ 750 ml

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