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Wiping filler for pores, black



Black wipe filler for "porous" CFRP surfaces (for sealing pinholes)

Technical data:
Density: approx. 1.83 g/cm³
Thinner: Acetone (if required)
Drying/curing: wipe off at 20 °C after 20 minutes, at 40 °C after 10 minutes


  1. Preparation of the surfaces:
    CFRP surfaces to be coated must be clean and sanded with fine sandpaper from grain size 240.

  2. Apply the pore-wiping filler:
    Apply with a cotton cloth or sponge and wipe off after drying so that the closed pores in the surface remain filled.
    Do not clean the surface treated with pore-wiping filler with solvent, carefully remove sanding dust only with compressed air and a duster

  3. Paint:
    After wiping and removing the dust, paint the surface with clear varnish. The initially grey drying porous filler will then become as black as the carbon fibre.
    In our experience, all commercially available clear lacquers are suitable, both 1K (spray can) and 2K.

12 months at +10 to +30 °C

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Wiping filler for pores, black, tin/ 250 g

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