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Carbon fibre tube pultruded (remainder)


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This remaining stock is qualitatively faultless goods without defects. Sale while stocks last.

Pultruded carbon fibre profiles made from HT carbon fibres (Torayca® T300 or equivalent) that are drawn continuously through a die (more information see R&G eWiki). This production method causes the fibres to be oriented unidirectionally, i.e. along the length of the pultruded form. The result is a high fibre volume fraction of 58 % with a very low air voids content.

Heat distortion temperature: 120 °C

Please note:
Internal release agents are used in the pultrusion process, which migrate to the part´s surface. A pre-treatment of the adherent due to this is nescessary. These have to be roughened (abrasive paper 220 grit) and cleaned very thoroughly. Epoxy resin or cyanacrylate (superglue) is used for the bonding itself.

The straightness of pultruded CFRP tubes is due to manufacturing reasons worse than the straightness of CFRP tubes which are manufactured with the "Pullwindig"- technology. Wound carbon tubes perform best, but are also much more expensive. Smaller diameters are straighter than large diameters. Pultruded CFRP tubes are the right choice when high strength should be achieved at a low price. The tolerances in the inner and outer diameters are low, but vary depending on the diameter typically between 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm. The straightness to 1 meter is in any case less than 1 mm.

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Carbon round tube, pultruded (Ø 20 / 15) x 1000 mm

epoxy matrix, weight approx. 200 g
71 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 732015-100
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