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Modelling compound (Plastilin), architectural quality



Non-curing modelling compound (plasticine) in architectural quality.

For architectural projects of all sizes.

Colour: White

Content: 500 g

For this product no safety data sheet is available, as this article is neither a hazard class product nor a problem product for waste disposal.

Our modelling materials are completely safe to use and contain no sulphur, silicone oils, solvents or heavy metals. For this reason, it is also very suitable for moulding with addition-crosslinked silicone moulding compounds of the ADDV series (no inhibition disorders).

The main components of our plastiline grades are a microwax compound, chalk and food approved colours. Micro-waxes are used, among other things, as cheese coating or for lipsticks.

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Modelling compound (architectural quality), block/ 500 g

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