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Presto finish Acrylic Spray Putty, grey



First-class acrylic spray putty

For the easy and perfect filling and coating of small unevennesses, scratches, drag marks etc. on filled surfaces. The application fills and coats small unevennesses, scratches, and drag marks to smooth the surfaces and prepare them for painting.

  • Applicable in several layers
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Particularly high filling capacity
  • Rapid drying time enables soon grinding
  • Good stability provides high layer thickness

Technical data:
Colour: Grey
Efficiency (depending on consistence and color of the ground):
150 ml is sufficient for approx. 0.3 m²
400 ml is sufficient for approx. 0.8 m²
Drying time (at 20 °C, 50 % relative air humidity):
Can be overworked after appox. 60 minutes
The drying time depends on the surrounding temperature, air humidity, and thickness of the applied coat.

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Presto finish Acrylic Spray Putty, grey, tin/ 400 ml

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