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Epoxy Resin L 385



Epoxy resin for Hardener 386

General information about the System L 385 + Hardener 386:

Epoxy resin L 385 is a new resin system for laminates which is authorised by the Federal Office for Aviation. This resin has variable pot lives and is suitable for processing glass, carbon and aramid fibres.

  • Extraordinary good physiological compatibility
  • Hardener is not designated as toxic (in comparison to L 285 with the hardener 286 und 287)
  • Pot life 120 minutes
  • Good mechanical and thermal properties

By exploiting the good mechanical properties, this system is suitable for manufacturing components subject to high static and dynamic loads; in particular in the construction of gliders, power gliders and aeroplanes as well as in the boat and ship building industry, the manufacture of sports equipment and model aircraft.

The hardeners 385 and 386 to be used have the same mixing ratios and can be mixed with each other in all ratios so that an appropriate optimal system can be chosen for different applications.

Following curing at room temperature, the resulting manufactured components can be removed from the mould and processed. Even under unfavourable curing conditions like low temperatures (> 20°C) or high humidity, one obtains tack-free, high-gloss surfaces. The viscosity of the mix is adjusted such that a rapid and optimal wetting of the reinforcing fibres are guaranteed and yet bleeding of the resin from weaves on vertical faces is inhibited.

Mixing ratio:
100 : 35 parts by weight of resin L 385 : Hardener 386
100 : 43 parts by volume of resin L 385 : Hardener 386

Curing time: 24 hours at 20 °C + heat curing 10–15 h at 50–80 °C (at least 40 °C is necessary to get out of the brittle phase)

Hardener 386 should be heat cured in every case.

Advice for storage:
Despite the reduced tendency of our resin systems to crystallise, we recommend storing the containers in a location with low humidity at 15–30 °C. Following removal of materials, the containers have to be carefully sealed in order to avoid the absorption of water, mainly by the hardeners. The aminic hardeners in particular tend to chemically react if exposed to the air, also known as carbamate formation or blushing this can, under certain circumstances, render the material unusable. One recognises this chemical reaction from a white precipitate in the material.
The materials can be kept in their original sealed containers for at least 2 years from the manufacturing date.

The relevant safety instructions for handling epoxy resins and hardening agents as well as our instructions for safe processing have to be followed.

Please order Hardener 386 separately.

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Epoxy Resin EPIKOTE™ Resin MGS™ LR385, canister/ 5 kg

required hardener quantity: 1.75 kg Hardener 386
Only 3 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1101503
157,14 € (Base Price 31,43 € /  kg)

Epoxy Resin EPIKOTE™ Resin MGS™ LR385, canister/ 10 kg

required hardener quantity: 3.5 kg Hardener 386
Short delivery time Order no.: 1101504
293,47 € (Base Price 29,35 € /  kg)

Epoxy Resin EPIKOTE™ Resin MGS™ LR385, canister/ 25 kg

required hardener quantity: 8.75 kg Hardener 386
Short delivery time Order no.: 1101505
667,57 € (Base Price 26,70 € /  kg)

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