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Epoxy Resin HT 2 + Hardener HT 2 (45 min)



Epoxy Resin HT 2 + Hardener HT 2 (45 minutes), set of two components

Solvent- and filler-free, highly transparent laminating and coating system of very low viscosity with absolutely tack-free, glossy surface.

  • Highly transparent, almost water-clear
  • High degree of UV stability
  • Tack-free curing even of thin layers
  • Also for casting in layer thicknesses up to 5 mm in one operation
  • Free of nonylphenol

Epoxy Resin HT 2 is suitable for impregnating glass, aramid, and carbon fibres* and for bonding wood, metal, foamed polystyrene, etc..

*Owing to its low surface tension the system exhibits good filler absorption properties. And it has excellent wetting properties with respect to reinforcing fibres of glass, aramid, and carbon.

Epoxy Resin HT 2 is a laminating resin of very low viscosity based on bisphenol A/F. The bisphenol F component reduces the viscosity and prevents the resin from forming crystals at low storage temperatures (less than + 5 °C).

Epoxy Resin HT 2 is diluted with a difunctional reactive compound and is free of solvents and fillers.

The system is highly transparent and yields in conjunction with finished glass fabrics (Finish FK 144/FK 800) highly transparent laminates with
good light fastness.

Processing time: 45 minutes

Mixing ratio:
100 : 48
parts by weight of resin to hardener
100 : 55 parts by volume of resin to hardener

Curing time: 24 hours
Cold curing

Material characteristics (pure resin hardened) Epoxy Resin HT2 with Hardener HT2:

Flexural strength in MPa 100
Tensile strength in MPa 71
Impact strength in kJ/m² 27
Tensile modulus in MPa 3.0 . 103
Initial viscosity in mPas 315
Glas transition temperature in °C 60

Highly transparent, water-resistant laminates, above all for surfboards, snowboards, boat linings, aquarium accessories, light domes, solar cell coatings, floor finishes.

The Epoxy resin HT 2 is suitable for all common processing methods, e.g. hand lay-up operations, pressure and vacuum impregnation, press moulding, winding, etc..

Metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, etc., can be joined with high-strength bonds without the application of contact pressure. Curing takes place virtually free of shrinkage.

Hardener HT 2:
Cycloaliphatic amine that is used at room temperature. As with all cold-curing epoxy resin systems, it is also possible to apply additional hot curing at 50 °C for ten hours to enhance the mechanical and thermal properties.

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Epoxy Resin HT 2 + Hardener HT 2, kit/ 296 g

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Epoxy Resin HT 2 + Hardener HT 2, kit/ 1 kg

675 g Epoxy resin HT 2 + 325 g hardener HT 2
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