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Carbon fibre tube wound, plain weave (3k) non-painted (remainder)


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This remaining stock is qualitatively faultless goods without defects. Sale while stocks last.

Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes with a high quality, smooth surface finish of 3k carbon fabric prepreg in plain weave unidirectional, non-painted. The subjacent layers are made from unidirectional non-crimp fabric. High quality epoxy resin matrix. (More information about CFRP-tubes see R&G eWiki, in german only, translator included).

Fibre orientation:

  • Surface layer: 0°/90°
  • Core layers: 0°

Light weight, excellent corrosion and heat resistance and electrical conductivity. Very good flexural stiffness.

After laminating, the wound CFK round tubes are ground (round) to size.

Deviation in diameter ± 0.2 mm. As a rule, the deviation from the straightness is not more than 1 mm/m.

These tubes are usually not telescopic or cannot be telescoped without post-processing. Telescopic, cylindrical tubes see here.

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Carbon round tube, wound (Ø 12,5 / 10) x 535 mm

OD 12.5 mm precision size is about 12.45-12.48mm, weight approx. 29 g
26 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 741310-NP-054-CT
6,73 € 10,05 € (Base Price 12,58 € /  m)

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