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Carbon/ Kevlar round tube wound, plain weave (3k)



Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes with a smooth surface finish of 3k carbon farbic prepreg in plain weave, clear-coated glossy with an intermediate layer of aramid fabric as fragmentation protection. Subjacent layers from unidirectional non-crimp fabric. High quality epoxy resin matrix. (More information about CFRP-tubes see R&G eWiki, in german only, translator included).

Fibre orientation:

  • Surface: 0°/90°
  • Core: 0°

Light weight, excellent corrosion and heat resistance and electrical conductivity. Very good flexural and hoop stiffness.

After laminating, the wound CFK round tubes are ground (round) to size and then coated.

Deviation in diameter ± 0.2 mm. Deviation in straightness max. 1 mm/m.

These tubes are usually not telescopic or cannot be telescoped without post-processing. Telescopic, cylindrical tubes see here.

Connecting Carbon tubes


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Carbon/ Kevlar round tube, 3k-PW (Ø 25 x 22.5) x 1500 mm

weight approx. 210 g
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