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DPP™ Carbon fibre rectangular rod -HIGH MODULUS- pultruded


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R&G is the official distributor of DPP™ CFRP profiles in Germany

Pultruded CFRP profiles by Van Dijk Pultrusion Products, made from HM carbon fibres (High modulus fibre Torayca® M46J or Tenax® UMS45) and epoxy resin, are drawn continuously through a die (R&G eWiki). This production method causes the fibres to be oriented unidirectionally, i.e. along the longitudinal direction. The result is a high fibre volume fraction of 62 % with a very low air voids content and a heat distortion temperature of 120 °C.

In comparison to our standard types these semi-finished products offer nearly twice the stiffness with good tensile strength.

Please note:
Due to the reduced elongation at break of the employed fibres these profiles are much more sensitve to overstressing.

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DPP™ Carbon rectangular rod HM (3.0 x 0.6) 1000 mm

Weight approx: 2.7 g
37 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 62030006-100-HM
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