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Silicone rubber ADDV M 4641, transparent (set of two comp.)


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Silicone rubber ADDV M 4641 is a high performance cast mould mass particularly suitable for the reproduction of models with undercuts using polyurethane and epoxy resins. For epoxy resins we recommend to use Release spray TRS to to isolate the mould´s surface.

  • Pourable*, addition-curing two-component silicone rubber with high extensibility (approx. 300 %)
  • Transparent vulcanisate
  • Fast, shrinkage-free vulcanisation at room temperature
  • Superior tear strength and tear propagation strength
  • Medium hardness (Shore A 43)
  • Very high resistance to casting resins, in particular polyurethane and epoxy resins, for a large number of demouldings
  • Heat-resistant up to 180 °C
  • Suitable for food contact in accordance to BfR and FDA

*The system can be poured despite the high viscosity. For perfect castings without air bubbles we recommend pouring under vacuum. Under vacuum the enclosed air escapes, so the silicone contains only a few to no air inclusions.

Due to the transparency of the vulcanized silicon it is possible to see -inside the mould when casting the reproductions. One of the main uses is vacuum casting for rapid prototyping.

As both component batches are matches to each other, we only supply complete batches. It is not possible to obtain individual deliveries of silicone and hardener.

Mixing ratio: 10 : 1 component A : component B
Processing time: 100 minutes
Removable from the mould at 23 °C: after 15 h, at 70 °C after 30 min

No heat of reaction occurs during vulcanization, so that even larger quantities (e.g. 10 kg) can be poured without the risk of overheating.

If heat is added during curing (e.g. in a heating cabinet or oven), the vulcanization time is reduced by half at a temperature increase of each 10 °C. Heat thus accelerates the cross-linking reaction. The maximum recommended curing temperature is 70 °C.

Colour: Transparent
Mixing viscosity: 30.000 mPa·s
Density: 1.07 g/cm³
Shore A hardness: 43
Tensile strength: 4.5 N/mm
Elongation at break: 300 %
Tear strength: > 25 N/mm
Linear shrinkage after 7 days at 23 °C: < 0.1 %

Customer information:
Small quantities, up to 25 kg, are specially bottled and are offered as R&G-brand. 25 kg and bigger are sold in original container with original label from Wacker ELASTOSIL®-Silicone.

*Approval by the Food and Drug Administration for food production (source: Reichelt Chemietechnik)
The Food and Drug Administration has very strict requirements for food produced in or imported to the United States. These measures were adopted to prevent national disasters caused by contaminated or polluted food. Only companies that work in accordance with FDA and whose materials are certified accordingly are allowed to serve the US market.

FDA-compliant requirements make materials necessary that have a long shelf life and do not release any ingredients into the food. In the food sector, a large number of plastics with fundamentally different properties are used and come into contact with food. All these plastics must be FDA-compliant and their requirements selected accordingly.

Shore-Hardness and processing informations

Casting techniques + silicone moulding 1 (only in German)

Casting techniques + silicone moulding 2 (only in German)

Processing of the R&G Silicone ADDV

Selection Guide Silicones (german)

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Silicone rubber ADDV M 4641, transparent, kit/ 550 g

(500 g comp. A + 50 g comp. B)
10 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 4151300
34,41 € (Base Price 62,56 € /  kg)

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Silicone rubber ADDV M 4641, transparent, kit/ 1.1 kg

(1 kg comp. A + 100 g comp. B)
9 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 4151301
62,40 € (Base Price 56,73 € /  kg)

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Silicone rubber ADDV M 4641, transparent, kit/ 5.5 kg

(5 kg comp. A + 500 g comp. B)
Only 1 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 4151302
270,12 € (Base Price 49,11 € /  kg)

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Silicone rubber ADDV M 4641, transparent, kit/ 22 kg

(20 kg comp. A + 2 kg comp. B)
Out of stock Order no.: 4151305
878,73 € (Base Price 39,94 € /  kg)
Currently not available.
We do not know when this item will be in stock again.

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