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Bagging film PO120, 400 cm/200 m



PO120 is a new generation extruded copolymer film.

It has exceptional conformability characteristics, particularly when applied to awkward shapes with deep recesses or undercuts and permits the moulding of complex parts. It has auto-release properties and can be used in direct contact to the resin.

This film consists of 3 layers : 2 auto-release copolymer layers outer and a copolyamide layer in the middle.

It is a styrene resistant film and diffusion resistant, i.e. it could be used for both vacuum moulding or vacuum infusion technologies with epoxy or polyester. It is also suitable to a limited extent for processing prepregs, but not in an autoclave, only under vacuum in an oven. At high pressures (2-6 bar), as they prevail in the autoclave, the film can fail.

Technical data:

  • Max. temperature: 120 °C
  • Thickness: 75 µ
  • Width: 400 cm
  • Elongation at break: approx. 400 %

Protect from daylight/UV radiation, do not store below 60 % humidity and at room temperature.

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Bagging film PO120, 400 cm, roll/ 200 m

= 800 m2
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