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Vacuum Connection VA 10/12 (resistant up to 220 °C)


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Vacuum connection with bayonet lock

Vacuum foils and foil tubes can be connected easily and absolutely tight with this high-quality, durable vacuum connection.

The Vacuum Connection VA 10/12 consists of a wide base plate Ø 60 mm and an upper part with bayonet lock (blue in the picture) made of anodised, knurled aluminium. A hose fitting for connection to the vacuum hose 10/12 mm is supplied.

First of all, a suitable small hole is cut into the foil. This area is positioned between the base plate and the upper part. The upper part with the silicone sealing washer is pressed into the cam part of the base plate and simultaneously turned by approx. 90 degrees. The bayonet lock enables a quick and absolutely tight connection with the foil.

Total height: 58 mm
Diameter base plate: 60 mm, steel
Seal: 3 mm, silicone
Total weight: 209 g
Maximum operating temperature: 220 °C

Hose fitting (push-in fitting for the vacuum hose 10/12 mm):
Body: nickel-plated brass / PA 66
Release ring: PA 66 (M 3: steel nickel-plated / PA66)
Seal: NBR (nitrile rubber)
Holding claws: Stainless steel
(only silicone-free seals and lubricants are used during assembly)


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