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Ultrasonic leak detector/ 1 pc.



Vacuum bagging is a complex process, and the last thing needed is a hole or a leak in an inaccessible spot like a tuck or a pleat – it's bad news for the process, bad news for vacuum integrity, and bad news for the costs.

That's why the ultrasonic leak detector is an essential piece of equipment for everyone involved in vacuum bagging. It can detect even the tiniest of leaks, it comes with headphones so that detection is not disrupted by background noise, and it could save you having to strip the bag down and start all over again.

The detector at a glance:
  • Best priced detector on the market
  • Most sensitive commercial ultrasonic detector
  • Precise translation of leak noise
  • Unaffected by wind and fans
  • Detects any pressurised gas
  • Detects vacuum leaks
  • No false alarms from residue or other stray gases
  • No sensors to clean or replace
Technical data:
Frequency conversion: Heterodyne
Sensitivity: 80 dB/V/bar
Noise reduction: Slide potentiometer
Power: 9 V cell (included)
Power switch: Pushbutton with quick release
116 x 61 x 22 mm
Weight: 140 g


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Ultrasonic leak detector/ 1 pc.

In a padded carrying case
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