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Large volume high-performance filter made of plastic with hose coupling for the separation of finest particles.
The suction capacity will not be reduced.

  • Compact inline filter
  • Housing made from PA 12, transparent
  • Very good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • With integrated depth-type glass fibre filter
  • Easy assembly

The filter element, made of borosilicate micro-glass fibres with Kynar® binder, is an integral part and welded in the housing.
It is under pretension so that a bypass-free air-tightness over the facing surface is maintained.

Filter area:
12.8 cm² (inside)
Airflow rate:
0.9 m³/h (0.2 m/s)
Inlet / outlet:
6.3 mm for 1/4" hose
Volume of housing:
11.5 cm³
Material of housing:
PA 12 (Grilamid type)
Maximum temperature at vacuum:
80 °C

Performance characteristics:
Particle retention
air (0.1 μm): > 75 %
Delta P at 10 l/min air: 18 mbar
Weight: 11 g

Suitable for R&G vacuum pumps P1-N, P2-N, P3, P3-SPECIAL and VT 4.10 in connection with the pump hose with 6 mm inner diameter (Order no. 390 110).

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Vacuum-Filter (Inline-Filter)

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