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EC-Cutter kit with mirco-serrated cutter heads


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Small, high performance electric cordless shears with micro-serrated cutter heads for cutting technical textiles made from glass, aramid, Dyneema® and carbon fibres, naturally paper, thin cardboard, conventional fabrics (cotton, polyester, jute, flax, etc.) can also be cut.

  • Ergonomically designed equipment for comfortable and fatigue-free operation
  • Carbide cutting edged blades ensure good service life
  • Mains or battery operated for various applications

EC Cutters have been in heavy daily use without malfunctions or above-average wear occurring.

Technical data:
230 V
Normal frequency:
50 Hertz
Battery voltage:
3.6 V
Battery capacity:
1200 mAh
Length of cutter:
approx. 220 mm
Weight of cutter: 
approx. 250 g
Length of the power cord: 
approx. 2 m

Procedure for cleaning the EC Cutter:
We recommend using white spirit and gentle cleaning agents to clean the cutter.

Attention: Acetone, cellulose thinners and other organic solvents damage the plastic housing!

Following a thorough cleaning, the cutting tool should be lightly lubricated with a drop of sewing machine oil (Ballistol).
Please take note that the EC-Cutter is only suitable for cutting dry lay-ups and weaves.

EC-Cutter kit includes:
Electric scissors, cutter head (mirco-serrated) with short blade for contoured cuts, cutter head (mirco-serrated) for straight cuts, rechargeable DC battery, AC adapter, charger and power cord

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EC-Cutter kit with micro-serrated cutter heads

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