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Aramid fibre shears, 21 cm / 8" length


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Sturdy and robust shears for aramid, glass and carbon fabric. Even aramid fabric with more than 200 g/m² can be cut without problems. Available for right and left-handers.

  • High-grade hardened blades
  • Fine hand cut leaves
  • One blade micro-serrated
  • Made of C60 carbon steel
  • Two straight, pointed blades
  • Extra-large "oblong" eye
  • Blue, highly solvent resistant comfort handles

Thanks to a very favorable center of rotation these shears have a very good leverage when cutting and an unusually high cutting efficieny right down into the tips.
Both blades are not only connected with a simple screw, but with a high - precision axis that is running on one
side in a large-area bearing and on the other side it`s lined with a crown nut.

Total length: 21 cm (8")
Length of cut: 8 cm
Weight: 166 g

Please avoid resin residues curing on the scissors. Clean the scissors carefully with acetone immediately after use.

Further information about scissors R&G eWiki for translation use the included google translator

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Aramid fibre shears, 21 cm / 8" length (for right-handers)

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Aramid fibre shears, 21 cm / 8" length (for left-handers)

Short delivery time Order no.: 3651100-L
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