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Flexible rubber squeegee used for spreading resin over laminates

  • Will not snag
  • Reusable
  • Tapers to a point

Original Squeegee by Thalco. The most durable resin squeege is made of a specially formulated rubber designed to withstand acetone for extended amounts of time. Although it works great as-is rubber gives you the opportunity to sand or grind down the squeege to make it your own.


Rubber squeegees are the best spreaders for pastes, fillers and resins. Excellent for large surfaces. Perfect for tub bottom repairs and long radius shaping with putties.

Little Squeegee (3503001): Length: 6'' (approx. 15.3 cm)
Big Squeegee (3503002): Length: 36'' (approx. 91.5 cm)

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Thalco Squeegee, length approx. 15.3 cm/6''

Delivery time on request Order no.: 3503001
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