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FORMULA FIVE® Clean´N Glaze, 0.95 l



Mild cleansing and polishing paste to prepare moulds for the use of Formula Five® Mold Release Wax (release paste) from Rexco (USA)

  • Containing silicone
  • Resistant up to approx. 100 °C

The combination of FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze and Formula Five® Mold Release Wax results in high-gloss GRP mold surfaces as well as optimum demolding.

FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze is applied with a soft cotton cloth and carefully polished. Subsequently, an application of Formula Five® Mold Release Wax (release paste) is applied.

FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze is also preferred by owners of GRP boats for the maintenance of hull surfaces (polyester and epoxy resin top layers). It cleans and smoothes such surfaces. It is also suitable for cleaning rubber and metal fittings and is therefore also used in the restoration of cars, railways etc..

Boat building:
For strongly oxidized GRP surfaces, sanding with wet sandpaper of grain size 600-800 or finer may be necessary first in order to pre-treat the surface accordingly before applying Formula Five Clean`N Glaze. Be very careful not to damage the surface - therefore, please try out on a non-visible area first.

After treatment with FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze, a final application of a classic boat wax can achieve a longer-lasting result, but has been shown in practice: FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze usually does not require further treatment with such products. The silicone content in FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze ensures very good protection of the gelcoat.

FORMULA FIVE® Clean 'N Glaze is not suitable for windscreens and plastic trim parts. Surfaces that have been painted with 2K car paints should not be treated with it either.

Boats and water sports equipment, snowmobiles, caravans/mobiles, bathrooms, showers, washbasins made of duroplastics, and all objects that have a gelcoat surface.

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FORMULA FIVE® Clean ´N Glaze (REXCO), bottle/ 0,95 l

(1 Quart = 860 g, sufficient for approx. 35 m² surface area)
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