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TecClay Medium, sulphur-free



TecClay Medium, sulphur-free

8433 TMC

Colour: Brown*

  • Weight reduced
  • Sulphur-free
  • 40 % lighter than Standard-Clay
  • Ideal for big and heavy models
  • Smooth and easy to handle
  • Odourless
  • Very good tape adhesion
  • Rectangular bars
  • Bar profile: 6.0 x 5.4 cm
  • Bar length: 22 cm
  • Bar weight: approx. 580 g

TecClay is absolutely sulphur-free, it is approximately 40% lighter than ordinary clay so even really large models can be transported easily. In comparison with standard clay the processing temperature is significantly lower, it is between40 - 55° C. TecClay retains the heat longer, so it is longer processable.

TecClay is thermally stable and its adhesion is excellent: pre-heated TecClay adheres in ultra-thin layers on the substrate, pre-heating of the substrate is not necessary. For a glossy finish, it is sufficient to polish the material with a cotton cloth or with a blade, the highlighting with film can be omitted.

TecClay has excellent processing characteristics: It is completely odorless, oxidation-free, bubble-free and has a very hard surface.This makes it extremely edge-stable and easy to mill.

Although TecClay is sulphur-free, it should not be processed with addition-curing silicones because TecClay contains iron oxide dyes which have an inhibiting effect when it comes into contact with this type of silicone. Therefore we recommend that any moulds made from clay models should be processed with condensation-curing silicones because the risk of inhibition is significantly lower.

* The manufacturer has informed us that the recipe of TecClay 8433 TMC has changed and therefore also its appearance regarding the colour. Here is an excerpt from the letter of the manufacturer: "The new TecClay cannot be used on an existing model without loss of quality, here it will result in a marbled surface. All other properties, such as hardness, edge stability, modelling properties, etc. remain within the usual tolerances".

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