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Composite hex nut MS F1 (S Ø23 / M6)


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Made of mild steel, galvanised, passivated.

These fasteners can be easily embedded, immersed, and pressed (after heating).
Processing with GRP, CRP, SMC, BMC, moulding compounds, cellular plastics, elastomers, rubbers, pressboard wood, three-ply corrugated cardboard, etc. They can also be affixed to many surfaces with conventional adhesives or after heat treatment.

The fasterners have their own unique part number identification system:

Example: MS F1 S 3815 M4

  • MS mild steel
  • F1 female hexagonal nut
  • S (sighted) with through-hole in the base-plate
  • 3815 the metric diameter of the fastener in mm, either expressed as a dimension or a diameter (Variations: 23=23 mm or 38=38 mm round, 3815=38 x 15 mm rectangular)
  • M4 internal diameter for female (Variations: standard diameters range from M4 to M10)

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Composite hex nut MS F1 (S Ø23 / M6), pack/ 12 pcs.

Only 10 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 2912213
10,54 € (Base Price 0,88 € /  pc.)

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