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Chopped glass fibre strands 3 mm, bag/25 kg (special item)

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This special item is qualitatively faultless goods without defects. Sale while stocks last.

Special item, 25 kg in original packaging (paper bags with PE-Inliner) produced in July 2014, minimum shelf-life 10 years.

  • Fast, good wetting
  • Reinforcement of polyester and vinyl ester resins

Technical data:
Fibre type: E-Glass
Shape in section: Round
Fibre coarseness: 9–14 µm
Length: 3 mm ± 5 mm
Specific gravity: 2.53–2.55 g/cm³
Resistance to dry heat: ca. 315 °C
Softening temperature: approx. 840 °C
Moisture content on delivery: max. 0.3 %
Colour: White
Surface treatment: Silane based 0.5–1.5 %

Resistance to light, to weather, to ageing = good
Acid resistance = good
Alkali resistance = limited
Solvent resistance = good
Swelling value in water = 0 %

Fibre pastes and moulding compounds, synthetic plasters, putties, adheslves, corrosion protection coats, asbestos substitutes. In the case of coupling layers to fill and back up edges and embed alignment dowels and screw unions in mould construction, a mixture of 50 % vol. chopped glass fibre and 50 % vol. cotton flock is mostly used. The volume details are intended to assist in judging the amount supplied. These details refer to the loose bulk amount. The contents may become compressed during transport or storage.

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Chopped glass fibre strands 3 mm, bag/ 25 kg

(only suitable for processing with polyester resins, delivery only while stocks last)
9 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 2101004-SOPO
60,26 € 89,94 € (Base Price 2,41 € / kg)

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