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Design-Carbon fabric 405 g/m² (style 62462 blue), roll/ 100 m

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Production only takes place after a binding order. Delivery time usually about 5-7 weeks.

Design carbon fabric 405 g/m² with blue coloured threads in weft direction. Very good area coverage, densely woven on the basis of R&G carbon fabric 245 g/m².

For surfaces with a brilliant, exclusive carbon fibre look.

Fibres: Carbon 200 tex (3k) and E-Glass blue

Style 62462 blue

Warp: Carbon 200 tex, 6,1 Fd./cm
Weft: E-glass coloured blue, 18 Fd./cm
Twill weave 6/6
Thickness: 0.65 mm ± 0.08 mm
Width: 100 cm

Engine hoods, sports equipment such as skis and snowboards, bicycle components, protective helmets, furniture and interior decors.

Calculated data for hand laminates with 35 volume percent fibres:
Resin consumption: 488 g/m², laminate thickness: 0.65 mm, laminate weight: 893 g/m²

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Design-Carbon fabric 405 g/m² (BLUE) 100 cm, roll/ 100 m

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