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TeXtreme® Carbon fabric GRID 80 g/m² (PW, ± 45 °) 100 cm (remainder)


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This remaining stock is qualitatively faultless goods without defects. Sale while stocks last.

USA: width 39.37", weight 2.8 oz/yd²

TeXtreme® Spread Tow GRID

  • Increasing torsional stiffness with minimum weight increase
  • Enabling radio transmittency through the fabric’s opening.

This GRID fabric can be used in monolithic structures as well as for sandwich skins in either a prepregged form or dry form for infusion.

Even though the GRID fabric has designed gaps which resemble a lattice, its characteristics are similar to other TeXtreme® Spread Tow reinforcements (please use wiki translator).

By using the GRID fabric by itself or in combination with the other products in the TeXtreme® family, optimized reinforcement solutions can be created which enable to reduce weight without sacrificing mechanical properties.

The GRID fabric offers excellent stability while handling and can be either manually or automatically cut or handled while being prepregged in standard hot melt processes.

Fibre type: Tenax® UTS50 12k / high strength fibre (Ultra High Tenacity), tape width 10 mm
Fibre orientation: ± 45 °
Weave: Plain weave
Width: 100 cm

The specified tissue weight increases by the binder to about 10 g/m³ .

More Information:
Storage: Dry and below 30 °C
No UV sensitivity
Shelf life: No limitation
EP-Binder: 18 °C softening takes place (improved processing at room temperature)


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TeXtreme Carbon fabric GRID, 80 g/m² (± 45°) 100 cm, roll/ 2 m

Plain weave (surface area = 2 m²)
Out of stock Order no.: 190263-45-10-100-2
98,01 € 146,29 € (Base Price 49,01 € /  m²)

TeXtreme Carbon fabric GRID, 80 g/m² (± 45°) 100 cm, roll/ 3 m

Plain weave (surface area = 3 m²)
Only 1 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 190263-45-10-100-3
139,28 € 207,88 € (Base Price 46,43 € /  m²)

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