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Carbon non-crimp fabric 100 g/m² (UD, High Modulus) 20 cm, roll / 250 m

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Production only takes place after a binding order. Delivery time usually about 2-3 weeks.

USA: width 7.87", weight 2.9 oz/yd²

Faser: Torayca® M40J B 50B 12k 450tex

Plastic-scrim (PET) one-sided

Weight ±5 %
Width ±2 %

High modulus fibre Torayca® M40J to HT carbon fibre (mostly used standard fibre)
Tensile strength about 12 % higher
Tensile modulus about 58 % higher
(with a slightly lower elongation at break of 1.2 instead of 1.5 %)


Unidirectional non crimp fabric, lying absolutely flat, almost 100 % utilisation of fibre properties, above all considerably higher compressive strength than fabric, higher fibre content possible, all cuts possible without fraying. For max rigidity values and excellent tensile and compressive strengths. Film on one side.

Calculated data for hand laminates with 45 volume percent fibres:
Resin consumption: 787,5 g/m², laminate thickness: 0,136 mm, laminate weight: 187,5 g/m²

Technical data:
Width: 20 cm
Density: 1.77 g/cm³
Tensile strength: 4410 MPa
Tensile modulus: 377 GPa
Elongation at break: 1.2 %

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Carbon non-crimp fabric 100 g/m² (UD, HM) 20 cm, roll/250 m

(= 50 m²), minimum order quantity: 3 rolls
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