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Glass fabric 210 g/m² (Silane, twill weave) 120 cm


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With this remainder, it concerns qualitatively perfect commodity without error. Sale as long as stocks last.

Please also note our wide range of high-quality glass fabrics from Interglas.

USA: width 47.24", weight 6.2 oz/yd²

Sizing: Typ TD37C*

* Starch free sizing system with a silane bonding agent. It is suitable for much more sophisticated composite applications and it is fully compatible with many types of resins.
Yarns with TD37C sizing are characterized by excellent textile properties and they can be used in a wide range of processes and in various structures of fabrics.
Also, a tensile strength of yarns with TD37C sizing is much higher than in the case of the previous one.

Twill weave 2/2
EC 9 – 68 Z28, 18.8 ends/cm
Weft: EC 9 – 68 Z28, 12 ends/cm

Width: 120 cm

Glass fabric for standard applications in the design of models and sports equipment and boats. Silane sizing for the processing with epoxy and polyester resins.

Calculated data for hand laminates with 35 volume percent fibres:
Resin consumption: 172 g/m², laminate thickness: 0.23 mm, laminate weight: 382 g/m²

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Glass fabric 210 g/m² (twill) 120 cm, roll/ 50 m

Silane (surface area = 60 m²)
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