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Rigid PU Foam + PU Hardener 1000 (set of two components)


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Rigid PU Foam + PU Hardener 1000

Two-component foam resin

  • Yield 1 kg foam resin = approx. 27 litres of foam (unrestricted expansion)
  • Closed-cell, hard
  • Low density with good compressive strength
  • Very short curing time

Rigid PU Foam yields a closed-cell rigid polyurethane foam and so its capacity to absorb water is very low. As a result, it is ideal for foaming cavities not only in the boatbuilding and automobile sectors, but also in other sandwich structures, including low-temperature and heat insulation.

Mixing ratio: 100 : 144 parts by weight of PU Foam to Hardener 1000
Initiating time:
approx. 42 seconds
Setting time:
approx. 145 seconds
Machinable: after approx. 12 h
Density after unrestricted expansion:
approx. 37 kg/m³
Yield 1 kg foam resin = approx. 27 litres of foam (unrestricted expansion)
Colour: brownish yellow

Mechanical properties*:
Max. heat resistance of the cured foam:
max. 80 °C
Thermal conductivity: 0.035W/mK
Average part density
(DIN EN ISO 845): 50 kg/m³
Compressive strength
(DIN 53421): 0.22 N/mm²
Water absorption capacity
(50 mm, 23 °C, 24 h; DIN 53495): 0.80 % by volume

*These values serve as a guide and must be checked in individual cases under the production conditions of the processor.

For the mixing of the components A + B max. 40 seconds are available. As soon as the mixture starts to react (foaming), it may not be stirred anymore, because otherwise the foam structure will be destroyed. The cured foam will lose its compressive strength and becomes brittle.

Stir Rigid PU Foam component thoroughly before use. Process both components above 18 °C

Recommended storage temperature: 15 - 25 °C, shelf life 6 months.
The containers must be protected from direct sunlight.


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Rigid PU Foam + Hardener, kit/ 850 g

(kit contains: 350 g Rigid PU Foam + 500 g hardener)
Only 4 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1700902
20,75 € (Base Price 24,41 € /  kg)

Rigid PU Foam + Hardener, kit/ 1.7 kg

(kit contains: 700 g Rigid PU Foam + 1000 g hardener)
10 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1700903
31,42 € (Base Price 18,48 € /  kg)

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