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Colormatic 2K Glass fibre putty grey-green, 1.6 kg



The Chemicals Ban Ordinance prohibits the sale of this product to private end consumers. Unfortunately, sales are only possible to resellers, professional users and public research, investigation and educational institutions. We regret this very much, but ask for your understanding that we must comply with the legal prohibition.

2K UP-Glass fibre putty for filling of large damaged areas, rust perforations.

  • Resistant against solvents, propellants, acid, base, humidity, and road salt
  • No differentiation is necessary for galvanic zinc-coated, hot-dip galvanized or aluminium surfaces

The special formulation of the polyester resins provides excellent adhesion also on surfaces that are affected by extension and strain. Excellent adhesion on bare metal, wood, concrete, glass-fibre reinforced plastics, old coatings etc.

For filling of large damaged areas, rust, perforations, and imperfections

Technical data:
Pot life: 70 °F (20 °C): approx. 6 to 8 minutes
Flash point: approx. 33 °C
Density at 70 °F (20 °C): 1.6 g/cm³
Add hardener: 2.5 %
Temperature resistance of the cured material: up to 120 °C
Sanding: after approx. 10 to 20 minutes

Lagerstabilität (bei 20 ºC): 24 Monate
Storage temperature:
between +15 °C and +25 °C
Max. Shelf life:
24 months when stored cool and dry in unopened condition.

Produkt vor Frost und starker Hitzeeinwirkung schützen.

Important information:
Observe the EC safety data sheet as well as processing and warning instructions on the labels.

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Colormatic 2K Glass fibre putty, grey-green, pack/ 1.6 kg

1550 g putty + 50 g hardener
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