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Spray adhesive INFUTAC (Clear) 500 ml

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High strength Diatex infusion moulding spray adhesive specifically designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during resin infusion process without affecting surface finish.

  • Adjustable spray cap
  • Transparent for visible carbon fibre parts
  • The nozzle cannot get blocked with the adhesive
  • Used for resin infusion, vacuum moulding and RTM
  • Provides superior layer fixation
  • Safely bonds reinforcements to structural core materials
  • Doesn´t affect the resin´s mechanical properties
  • Low shrinkage in curing
  • Fast bond

Binds together a wide range of materials including:

  • Plastics
  • Fabrics
  • Breathers
  • Foams
  • Light wood (ie balsa)

INFUTAC is used for resin infusion, vacuum moulding and RTM. It will not interfere with the curing process of vinyl ester, polyester or epoxy resins: the adhesive is designed to ultimately become part of the polymer matrix.

Consumption per tin: 8-12 m²

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Spray Adhesive INFUTAC Clear, tin/ 500 ml

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