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MD MEGABOND 3000 (MR 10:1) double cartridge, 50 g


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MD MEGABOND 3000 two-component high-performance adhesive (a mixture of methyl methacrylate and epoxy) is the "Formula One racer" amongst high-performance adhesives. It can be used where conventional adhesives do not achieve the required strengths.

MD MEGABOND 3000 belongs to the newest generation of two-component adhesives. At a mixing ratio of 10:1, it can be used for technical plastics as well as for numerous treated and untreated metals. MD MEGABOND 3000 bonds even difficult-to-bond plastics such as polycarbonate permanently and reliably.

  • Retains residual flexibility
  • Very high impact and peeling strength
  • Good temperature resistance up to 150 °C
  • Stable, fills larger gaps (up to 10 mm) and does not sag
  • Excellent chemical resistance (acids and bases 3-10 pH)
  • Stable against weathering and UV
  • Colour: Black
  • Working time: 2-4 minutes
  • Fixing time: 8-10 minutes

Bonding plastics like ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PMMA, polyurethane, PVC (hard), composites like GFRP and CFRP, SMC and BMC and metals like aluminium, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel.

Storage: cool, dry and dark. Optimum temperature 12 - 15 °C (storage temperatures above 23 °C can damage the material).

Please order dosing gun and mixing tubes (order no. 155166x ) separately.

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MD-MEGABOND 3000 (MR 10:1) double cartridge, 50 g

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