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Two component epoxy resin adhesive

MD POX 30 minutes is a very reactive chemical compound. After mixing, the two-component adhesive achieves extraordinary strength. For bonding metals, ceramics, glass, stone and many hard plastics. For many on-the-spot repairs with high quality and little effort.

  • Achieves extremely high strength
  • Universally applicable
  • Weatherproof
  • Hardening in 30 minutes
  • Also suitable as a casting compound
  • MD-POX remains stiffly flexible and can therefore guarantee permanent rigidity in case of impacts or vibration

Typical Properties (cured):
Pot life:
30 minutes
Hand strength:
1 - 2 hours
Functional Strength
(20 °C): 4 - 6 hours
Final curing
(25 °C): 24 hours
Temperature range:
-40 °C up to +80 °C
Gap fill:
up to 2 mm
Hardness Shore D:
Tensile shear strength
(25 °C): > 8 N/mm²

The bonding surfaces must be clean, oil and grease free (e.g. with Marston Cleaner). Excellent results are obtained by a mechanical roughening of the adhesion surfaces. Twist off cap, attach and tighten the mixing nozzle. Push the material out with the dispensing gun and discard the first 2 g, as they are not yet mixed at 1:1. Setting time can be curtailed at high temperatures. Join work pieces together and fix. Store opened cartridge in a cool, dry place.

Easy handling thanks to the automatically regulated two-nozzle system. The practical cartridge is not designed for use with a dosing gun, it is simply squeezed out by hand.

Please order mixing tubes (order no. 155165x or 155167x) separately.

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MD-POX 30 minutes (MR 1:1) / double syringe 25 g

140 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1551421
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