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YC QUICK VT is a styrene-free, amine-accelerated, fast curing, unsaturated polyester resin which is cured at room temperature by adding 2 - 3% BPO hardener paste.

Its curing system even allows the use at temperatures up to 5 °C without additional accelerator addition. As a repair resin, YC QUICK VT has good elasticity and shows good adhesion to wood and polyester resin. For metal substrates, a thin layer of polyester filler is used as adhesion improver.

YC QUICK VT is temporarily resistant to diluted acids and alkalis and to water at room temperature. It is therefore sufficient for normal thermal and mechanical stresses.

Basis: Vinyl toluene
Processing temperature: Possible from +5 °C, ideal between 10 and 25 °C
Mixing ratio: 2-3 % BPO hardener paste

Repair of small damages with the use of glass reinforcements on GRP mouldings and coatings as well as on sheet metal.
As impregnating resin for glass reinforcements on small mouldings.
In combination with glass fibre reinforcements for quick repairs on defective GRP components, fastening of stop bars and installation parts in boats made of GRP, rusted through metal sheets. Quick emergency repair of damage and leaks in boats and swimming pools.

The set consists of:
1 x polyester resin (970 g)
1 x BPO hardener paste (30 g)

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YC QUICK VT (incl. hardener), kit/ 1 kg

(970 g Resin + 30 g Hardener)
Only 2 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1542280
18,34 € (Base Price 1,83 € /  100 g)

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