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YC AZUR VT (Polyester laminating resin, styrene free, sale also to private)


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YC AZUR VT is a cobalt-accelerated, styrene-free polyester resin. It is a low viscosity, thixotropic orthophthalic acid resin for medium-duty. The resin is cured with 1 to 3 % MEKP hardener. The resin can be used in wet layers up to 7 mm thick.

The resin is also characterised by a limited (peak brake) reaction temperature during curing so that thicker laminates can also be cured.

Base: Vinyl toluene
Colour: Blue
Specific weight: 1.1 kg/l

Processing temperature: 18° to 25 °C
Mixing ratio: 1-3 % MEKP Hardener

YC AZUR VT is used for coatings, mouldings and casting compounds. With glass fibre reinforcement it is excellently suited for the hand lay-up process and with fillers as casting resin.

Glass fibre reinforced: Elements for boat building and repair, vehicle construction, pool coatings, covers for machine parts, furniture production and in the building industry.
With fillers: Polyester concrete, casting of electrical circuits and casting compounds for artistic works.

The consumption of YC AZUR VT is calculated from the weight of glass mats or glass fabric. To determine the quantity, calculate 3 times the weight of glass mats or 1 time the weight of glass fabric.
Example: 900 g laminating resin for 1 m² glass fibre mat 300 g/m².

The addition of the hardener is controlled by a colour indicator which becomes visible within a few minutes after the MEKP Hardener has been added.

The chemical resistance of YC AZUR VT against water, weak acids and alkalis is good at room temperature (post-curing required). After prolonged exposure to chlorinated hydrocarbons, lower ketones and esters as well as hot aqueous solutions, swelling of the resin can be observed.

YC AZUR VT is already pre-accelerated and is generally mixed with 1 to 3 % MEKP Hardener for processing. The processing temperature should be 18° to 25 °C. In general, the resin is used in the delivery form. However, the addition of UP colour pastes (up to 20 % addition) is possible without problems. Processing in the hand lay-up method is usually carried out with a fur roller. The glass mats and fabrics impregnated with YC AZUR VT are deaerated with a pane roller. Components and coatings made of YC AZUR VT must be treated with a top coat in order to achieve a tack-free surface.

Hardener dosage:

for wet film thickness of

MEKP Hardener per kg resin

Pot life

1 - 3 mm at 20 °C

3 % = 30 g

approx. 20 minutes

2 - 4 mm at 20 °C

2 % = 20 g

approx. 25 minutes

3 - 7 mm at 20 °C

1 % = 10 g

approx. 30 minutes

When interrupting the laminating process, the resin of the last layer should only be mixed with 1 % MEKP Hardener. The last glass layer should then be laminated with as little resin as possible. Lamination work should be continued after 48 hours at the latest. Grinding is necessary later.

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YC Azur VT (incl. hardener), kit/ 1 kg

(approx. 970 g Polyester resin + 30 g MEKP-Hardener)
Only 12 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1542300
14,04 € 18,49 € (Base Price 1,40 € /  100 g)

YC Azur VT (excl. hardener), contents/ 2 kg

Only 12 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1547370
23,56 € 33,28 € (Base Price 1,18 € /  100 g)

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