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Elan-tech® Mould Gelcoat PREPREG, 5 kg


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Elan-tech® Mould Gelcoat PREPREG is processed and cured at room temperature in conjunction with epoxy resin laminates from heat-resistant resins such as e.g. Epoxy Resin L + Hardener EPH 161.

  • Excellent grinding and polishing properties
  • Thixotropic (non-drip)
  • Manufactured in vacuum, so optimally free of air bubbles and homogeneous

This two-component epoxy resin is coloured brown for gelcoats (applied thickness 0.5–1 mm) in mould construction.

This tooling gelcoat is hard-elastic, i.e. not brittle, and exhibits good edge strength.

Layer thickness 0.5 mm: approx. 0.7 kg/m²
Layer thickness 1 mm: approx. 1.4 kg/m²

Hardener slow:
Mixing ratio: 100 : 33
Processing time (25 °C): 110 - 145 minutes
Geltime (25 °C): approx. 4.5 h
Heat resistance: approx. 180 °C
Recommended curing cycles: 16 h at 40 °C + 10 °C/h + 2h at 160 °C

Please order Elan-tech® Hardener PREPREG slow separately

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Elan-tech® Mould Gelcoat PREPREG bucket/ 5 kg

(required hardener: Elan-tech® hardener -PREPREG- Slow and/or Fast)
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