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Cyanoacrylate MD GLUE plus 405, for extreme loads



Superglue for extreme loading conditions

  • Viscous, impact-resistant, high-tensile, heat-resistant, foaming resistant
  • ca. six times greater impact strength and ten times greater shear strength than conventional CA adhesives
  • Very high lap shear strength (240 kg/cm² = 24 MPa; for steel on steel)
  • Max thermal resistance +135 °C (at this high temperature the adhesive still exhibits a lap shear strength of 60 kg/cm² = 6 MPa; for steel on steel)
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Viscosity approx. 3000 mPa·s

This one-component ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives sets quickly to yield a transparent bond ideal for balsa wood and materials exhibiting low porosity, e.g. metals, rubbers and plastics

Content: 20 g

Storage and shelf life:
Our superglue can be stored in a cool and dark place for about 1 year (for example in the refrigerator at + 5 °C).
At room temperature about 6 months. At temperatures above 20 °C the shelf life is further reduced (e. g. in the summer months)

eWiki: Storage superglue (Cyanacrylate)

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Instant adhesive MD GLUE plus 405, bottle/ 20 g

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