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Superglue (fast) is a normal type Cyanoacrylate adhesive with fast setting, high flow abilit, and good penetration characteristics.

It has been specially formulated to achieve the strongest possible bond between well-mated, non-porous surfaces, such as rubber, metals, plastics, glass, etc.

  • Single-component
  • Transparent
  • Very low viscosity, high setting speed
  • Bonds obtain hand strength after 2-15 seconds
  • Special bottle*

*A metal needle is fitted in the lid, which is pressed into the opening of the bottle's dosing attachment when it is screwed on. This reliably prevents leakage, drying out and sticking of the opening. The dosing attachment allows a fine dosing of the adhesive.

Physical properties

Liquid state
Base Ethyl Cyanoacrylat
Colour clear
Specific Gravity (at 20 °C) 1.053~1.060
Refraction Index (n 20 D) 1.439
Flash Point (°C) >80 °C
Boiling Point (°C) 65/6mm Hg
Viscosity (cP) 3-5
Cured state  
Colour  clear
Specific Gravity (at 20 °C)  1.1~1.3
Processing temperature
 -55 - 80 °C
Refraction Index (n 20 D)  1.49
Dielectric Constant (bei 10 MHz)  3.5
Dielectric Loss (bei 10 MHz)  0.067

Soluble in Acetone, Dimethyl formamide,Nitromethame and Dimethyl sulfoxide.

Bond strength (Tensile shear strength, cured for 24 hours at 20-25 °C)

Rigid PVC to rigid PVC 40-60
ABS to ABS 50-70
Polycarbonate to polycarbonate 80-120
Polystyrene to polystyrene 30-45
Natural rubber to natural rubber 5-9
Steel to steel 190-210
Stainless steel to stainless steel 200-220
Aluminum to aluminum 160-180
Copper to copper 150-170
Steel to rigid PVC 50-60
Stainless steel to neoprene 5-10
SBR to SBR 5-10

Cure speed

ABS to ABS  4-5
Wood to wood  50-60
ABS to stainless steel  5-10
NBR to stainless steel  3-5
NBR to NBR  3-5
Stainless steel to stainless steel  3-5
ABS to NBR  3-5
Wood to ABS  5-10

Storage and shelf life:
Our superglue can be stored in a cool and dark place for about 1 year (for example in the refrigerator at + 5 °C).
At room temperature about 6 months. At temperatures above 20 °C the shelf life is further reduced (e. g. in the summer months)

eWiki: Storage superglue (Cyanacrylate)


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