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UP Pre-gel white



The Chemicals Ban Ordinance prohibits the sale of this product to private end consumers. Unfortunately, sales are only possible to resellers, professional users and public research, investigation and educational institutions. We regret this very much, but ask for your understanding that we must comply with the legal prohibition.

UP Pre-gel white

White gelcoat for laminates of epoxy resin, not suitable for laminates of polyester resin.

  • Ready to use*
  • Tack-free curing
  • Paraffin-free
  • Preaccelerated with cobalt

Thixotropic (non-drip) polyester gel coat that cures to yield tack-free white top layers in conjunction with epoxy laminates.

Processing time with 2 % MEKP: approx. 15-20 minutes
Consumption (at a layer thickness of 0.4 mm): approx. 0,5 kg/m²

White (following RAL 9010)

An epoxy resin laminate can be applied after approximately 2 to 24 hours of curing time. It Can also be used as topcoat on cured laminates.

Not for use in applications where parts are permanently immersed in water.

Can be diluted with styrene and dyed easily with our universal color pastes up to 0.5 % by weight.

*Store containers below 20 °C and tightly closed, shelf life will then be about 6 months.

Please order MEKP hardener separately

Laminate structures for vehicle construction in combination with this product are approved by the TÜV-Süd.

Due to limited shelf life, we produce this product freshly thus we are able to guarantee best quality and max. storage life. This fact can sometimes lead to a supply shortage.

More Infos see eWiki (in german language, translator included)


Due to the styrene content, Polyester resins can only be filled in tin cans and canisters. Our metal canisters are UN-approved for the transport of dangerous goods and can therefore withstand drops and impacts. In order to avoid damages, we pack the canisters properly and ship them with approved parcel services and forwarding agencies only. In spite of all measures, it may happen that tin packaging shows transport damages such as crushes or dents. As long as handling and resin extraction are not impaired by this, we unfortunately cannot accept complaints.

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UP Pre-Gel white, tin/ 500 g

required hardener quantity: 10 g MEKP hardener
11 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401600
25,03 € (Base Price 50,06 € /  kg)

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UP Pre-Gel white, tin/ 1 kg

required hardener quantity: 20 g MEKP hardener
17 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401601
42,74 € (Base Price 42,74 € /  kg)

Scaled Price

  • From Qty 2: 5,0%
  • From Qty 5: 10,0%

UP Pre-Gel white, bucket/ 5 kg

required hardener quantity: 100 g MEKP hardener
6 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401602
169,88 € (Base Price 33,98 € /  kg)

Scaled Price

  • From Qty 2: 10,0%
  • From Qty 5: 15,0%

UP Pre-Gel white, bucket/ 30 kg

required hardener quantity: 1 kg MEKP hardener
Only 2 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401604
844,52 € (Base Price 28,15 € /  kg)

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