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The Chemicals Ban Ordinance prohibits the sale of this product to private end consumers. Unfortunately, sales are only possible to resellers, professional users and public research, investigation and educational institutions. We regret this very much, but ask for your understanding that we must comply with the legal prohibition.

UP Casting Resin "transparent"

  • Low-viscosity, light-stabilised orthophthalic acid polyester resin of medium reactivity
  • Preaccelerated with cobalt, unsusceptible to cracking
  • Transparent after curing

For casts up to one litre in volume, the added hardener (MEKP) should be 1 % (gelling time 35 minutes); for larger volumes, 0,6 % (gelling time 23 minutes). The parts can be demoulded once the reaction heat has disappeared (60-90 minutes). Layers should be cast to a thickness of 2-3 cm (otherwise the reaction heat is too high), the next layer should be cast when the previous layer has started to gel.

The typical shrinkage polyesters undergo when curing means that the cast in most cases detaches from the walls of the mould. This can lead to a slight inadequacy in the curing of the surface, which is then tacky for a time. In the case of larger casts, curing on the air side yields a practically tack-free surface owing to the higher reaction heat and the faster progress of curing.

Processing time: with 2 % MEKP approx. 20 minutes

Store containers cool and tightly closed, durability about 6 months.

Please order MEKP hardener separately

More Infos see eWiki (in german language, translator included)

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UP Casting Resin "transparent", canister/ 1 kg

required hardener quantity: 10 g MEKP hardener
Only 10 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401251
16,87 € (Base Price 16,87 € /  kg)

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UP Casting Resin "transparent", canister/ 5 kg

required hardener quantity: 50 g MEKP hardener
Only 15 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401252
66,43 € (Base Price 13,29 € /  kg)

Scaled Price

  • From Qty 2: 10,0%
  • From Qty 5: 15,0%

UP Casting Resin "transparent", canister/ 30 kg

required hardener quantity: 300 g MEKP hardener
Only 1 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1401254
317,68 € (Base Price 10,59 € /  kg)

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