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Active diluent EPD BD

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  • Good diluent effect
  • Free of solvents
  • Difunctional, so relatively minor effects on the strength values, chemical resistance, and heat distortion temperature

Up to 10 % can be added to the resin constituent.

In contrast to solvents, active diluent cures together with the compound, thereby enhancing the resin's elongation at break and impact strength, but reducing its heat distortion temperature and tensile, compressive, and flexural strength.

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Active diluent EPD BD, bottle/ 250 ml

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Active diluent EPD BD, bottle/ 1 l

Only 7 left in stock, more on the way  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1301352
24,87 € (Base Price 24,87 € / L)

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