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Rigid PU Foam H200-AT (comp. A), 1 kg



The Chemicals Ban Ordinance prohibits the sale of this product to private end consumers. Unfortunately, sales are only possible to resellers, professional users and public research, investigation and educational institutions. We regret this very much, but ask for your understanding that we must comply with the legal prohibition.
Beginning August 24, 2023, adequate training must be provided by the employer prior to industrial or commercial use.

PU structural foam H200-AT is a closed-pore 2-component rigid foam that hardens on the surface when foamed into moulds with a poreless skin.

It has a cup density of approx. 200 kg/m³ and produces bodies with very good mechanical strength.

PU structural foam H200-AT is foamed with hardener TYPE 2 and is resistant to diluted acids, alkalis and water. Due to its long starting time and its mixing ratio, this foam can also be easily processed by hand. With mechanical foaming, the volume weight and start time are reduced; with foaming in closed moulds, an increase in the shot quantity leads to an increase in the density and pressure on the mould walls.

Production of highly stressed moulded parts with poreless skin, such as flaps, doors, chair shells, housings for machine and apparatus construction, body parts and parts in model making.

For the mixing of the PU foam and the hardener max. 40 seconds are available. As soon as the mixture starts to react (foaming), it may not be stirred anymore, because otherwise the foam structure will be destroyed. The cured foam will lose its compressive strength and becomes brittle.

Colour: Yellowish
Specific weight at 20 °C: 1.09 g/cm³
Viscosity at 20°C: 2600 mPa.s

Material data of the mixture (PU foam + hardener) at 20 °C:

Mixing ratio:
Parts by weight PU foam : hardener: 100: 100
Parts by volume PU foam: hardener 100: 89

Start time: 65 seconds
Setting time: 130 seconds
Rise time: 180 seconds

Consumption: approx. 200 g/l

Material data of the cured product:

Density: 200 kg/m³
Expansion: 1 : 5

Resistant to storage in light gasoline, mineral oil, diesel fuel, aliphatic hydrocarbons, diluted acids and alkalis, water, seawater and soil; brown colouring on the surface over time in weathering.


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