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YC HIGH GLOSS FINISH, polishing cream



HIGH GLOSS FINISH is a silicone-free polishing cream consisting of precious waxes, for matt and weathered surfaces with protective film effect.

Colour: Whitish
Flash point: > 65 °C
Consumption: approx. 50 g/m²
Density: > 1 kg/l

Apply with a soft cloth or cotton wool and polish the surface thoroughly with circular movements and light pressure. Remove cream residues with polishing cotton wool and bring the surface to a high gloss. Repeat this process if necessary.

Mechanical processing with a slow-running buffing wheel (max. 2000 rpm at 13 cm plate diameter) or a lambswool polishing pad is also possible. Change position continuously so that the surface does not become too warm.

HIGH GLOSS FINISH is silicone-free, so that subsequent painting systems are not affected. However, we generally recommend cleaning the surfaces with suitable degreasers and cleaning agents before repainting.

Suitable for GRP boats, GRP planes, plastic surfaces and chrome-plated surfaces.

Not recommended for polishing master patterns which are to be molded in conjunction with release agents. This also applies to negative molds in which release agents are used. Without preliminary tests, it cannot be guaranteed that a sufficient release effect is present.

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YC Polishing cream, "High Gloss Finish" content/ 200 g

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YC Polishing cream, "High Gloss Finish" content/ 500 g

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