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Assortment adjustment. This discontinued item is qualitatively perfect goods without defects. Sale while stocks last.

Hardener for Epoxy Casting Resin System CRYSTAL-CLEAR

(Processing with Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR)

Mixing ratio:
100 : 45 parts by weight resin : hardener

Gel time (20 °C): approx. 10 hours
Curing time:
approx. 48–62 hours
Cold curing

Technical data (hardener):
Viscosity (25 °C): 100 mPa.s
Colour: Transparent

Resin + hardener (mixed):
Viscosity (25 °C): 300 mPa.s
Colour: Transparent
Reactivity (500 g/23 °C*): 17 h
Max. exothermic temperature: 35 °C

*Refers to the diagram "Reactivity in relation to time and temperature (RT) on the exothermic reaction and curing time at 500 g with layer thickness 90 mm (cast in a plastic cup)

At least 12 months in closed containers at 15-25 °C.

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Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR, canister/ 4,5 kg

(required resin quantity: 10 kg Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR)
Only 5 left in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days) Order no.: 1071205
70,97 € 105,92 € (Base Price 15,77 € /  kg)

Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR, canister/ 9 kg

(required resin quantity: 20 kg Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR)
Out of stock Order no.: 1071206

Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR, canister/ 24.8 kg

(required resin quantity: 55 kg Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR)
On request Order no.: 1071207
319,31 € 476,58 € (Base Price 12,88 € /  kg)

Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR, barrel/ 200 kg

(required resin quantity: 444.5 kg Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR)
On request Order no.: 1071208
2.178,08 € 3.250,87 € (Base Price 10,89 € /  kg)

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