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Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR



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Resin component for the system Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR + Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR

2-component, clear, colourless epoxy resin system. The cured resins are tack-free and have good light resistance.

  • Highly transparent
  • Low viscosity
  • Self-venting
  • Good UV stability

Technical data:
(25 °C): 600 mPa.s
Colour: Bluish transparent (no longer visible when potted)

Viscosity (25 °C): 100 mPa.s
Colour: Transparent

Resin + hardener (mixed):
Viscosity (25 °C): 300 mPa.s
Colour: Transparent
Reactivity (500 g/23 °C*): 17 h
Max. exothermic temperature: 35 °C

*Refers to the diagram "Reactivity in relation to time and temperature (RT) on the exothermic reaction and curing time at 500 g with layer thickness 90 mm (cast in a plastic cup).

Mixing ratio:
100 : 45 parts by weight resin : hardener

Gel time (20 °C): approx. 10 hours
Curing time:
approx. 48–62 hours
Cold curing

Mechanical and thermal properties:

Shore Hardness D1 DIN EN ISO 868 D 80
Bending E-modulus DIN EN ISO 178 2100 MPa
Elongation at break DIN EN ISO 527 4,5 %
Glass transition temperature (TG) DIN EN ISO 11359-2 39 °C
Glass transition temperature (TG)
after 16 h at 50 °C
DIN EN ISO 11359-2 47 °C

Specific properties - with variable casting thickness on a 350 x 300 mm plate:

Room temperature
Casting thickness (mm) Weight (g) Reaction temperature
< 18 °C 100 11.550 > 45 °C
18 °C 70 8.085 45 °C
20 °C 50 5.575 30 °C
23 °C 25 2.890 27 °C
25 °C 15 1.730 27 °C
28 °C 10 1.155 30 °C

Due to the crack-free hardening, this embedding resin is preferably used unreinforced as casting resin. It hardens largely without shrinkage and with a tack-free, glossy surface.

For artistic and decorative applications, e.g. embeddings, sprues and river tables. Suitable for embeddings are metals (coins, electronic components), inorganic (shells, stones) and organic preparations (plants, insects). The preparations should be dry.

Room temperature is the most important parameter for successful processing of the Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR. There is a relationship between room temperature (RT), the volume of resin poured and curing speed. Rapid curing caused by high room temperature results in a high exothermic reaction. The cured resin can then form cracks and shrink, especially in the corners.

Thoroughly mix the two components by hand or using a mixing propeller/drill. Care must be taken not to stir in too much air.

After the first mixing, pour the material into a second container and mix again. Allow the mixture to stand for at least 15-30 minutes for self-deaeration before pouring.

Due to the long pot life and low viscosity, the casting frame must be completely tight. Use a release agent as Partall® Hi-Temp Wax or PE packing tape.

After pouring and short resting time of the material, remaining bubbles can be easily removed with a hot air blow dryer.

For a shiny and smooth surface, light sanding and polishing or painting of the surface is usually necessary.

At least 12 months in closed containers at 15-25 °C.

After prolonged storage at low temperatures, crystallization of the A-component (resin) may occur.
This is easily removed by warming up for sufficient time to a maximum of 70 °C.


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Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR, canister/ 10 kg

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Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR, canister/ 20 kg

(required hardener quantity: 9 kg Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR)
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Epoxy Casting Resin CRYSTAL-CLEAR, barrel/ 220 kg

(required hardener quantity: 99 kg Hardener CRYSTAL-CLEAR)
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