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Hardener for Epoxy Resin L

  • Low viscosity, solvent- and filler-free
  • Fast impregnation of glass, aramid and carbon fibres
  • High static and dynamic strength
  • High transparency
  • Largely lightfast and colourfast
  • Adhesive-free hardening of even the thinnest layers (hardening from +10 °C)
  • Heat deflection temperature approx. 65 °C
  • Modified cycloaliphatic polyamine adduct

Epoxy resin L with hardener EPH 500 is a frequently used laminating and coating system from the R&G product range. Due to its low surface tension, good adhesion and low curing shrinkage, it is also very suitable for bonding wood, metal and PS rigid foams such as Styropor®. It can be processed in all common processes such as hand lamination, pressure and vacuum impregnation as well as pressing and winding.

Processing time: approx. 60 minutes (100 g / 25 °C)

Mixing ratio:
100 : 63 parts by weight resin : hardener
100 : 71 parts by volume resin : hardener

Curing time at RT: approx. 24-36 hours
Curing from 10 °C possible

Mixing viscosity at 25 °C: 620 ± 100 mPa.s
Refractive index at 25 °C: 1.530 ± 0.002

Expertise for the resin system Epoxy Resin L + Hardener EPH 500: the system is non-cytotoxic (cell damaging), important for applications in medical purposes.

Please order Epoxy Resin L separately.

More infos + pics: eWiki (translator included)

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Hardener EPH 500, canister/ 1,58 kg

required resin quantity: 2,5 kg Epoxy resin L
Out of stock Order no.: 1001473
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