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Epoxy resins

Fibre composites and coatings that have to meet with the highest  demands placed on reliability and long service life are manufactured in the majority of cases from epoxy resin.


• High static and dynamic strength
• Low curing shrinkage, good dimensional stability
• Strong adhesion, very good adhesive
• High thermal resistance
• Good chemical and weather resistance
• Very good dielectric (insulating) properties
• Low combustibility, high resistance

Depending on their application, resins can be divided into laminating resins; cast and adhesive resins; and mould construction and overlay resins (gel coats).

Cold curing
Cold-curing systems are the easiest to use. In most cases, they are processed and cured at room temperature (20 °C). After about twenty-four hours they can be demoulded.

Hot curing
Systems with preliminary cold curing

These resins cross-link at room temperature so well that components made of these can be demoulded and machined without problems. The strength of these components is fully adequate for “normal” applications.

Yet the final strength is first obtained after a post-heat treatment. Specifically, the  epoxy  resin  systems  approved  for  aviation  must  undergo  post-heat treatment. In most cases, a temperature of 50 - 60 °C applied over a period of about ten hours is enough to obtain complete curing.