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Collage Gartenteich

Glass fibre pond construction

Build your own oasis with a GRP pond made of R&G products.
Glass fibre ponds are extremely durable and provide a natural, very beautiful appearance.

Glass fibre pond - New construction

Polyester resin has established itself for new construction, also due to the lower costs. R&G offers a high quality resin for this area, the UP Laminating Resin Palatal U 569 TV-01V, which is a laminating resin approved for boatbuilding containing an anti-skinning agent. It cures tack-free with reduced styrene evaporation during processing.

Glass fibre pond - Renovation

For renovation of an existing fiberglass pond the Epoxy Resin L + Hardener L are particular suitable, since it has an excellent water resistance. In addition, all epoxy resins adhere very well to different surfaces. We recommend to roughen the surface of the existing pond shell prior to laminating.

For indoor applications we advise in general epoxy resins due to low odor while processing. Finished parts are also odorless.